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Review Management

Review Management is now a leading marketing tool. Today we are in a “conversation economy” run by consumers who are the publishers and editorialists. This is the new reality in which your customers talk about brands, services and products in their reviews. Without question brands have to shift from letting these conversations just happen to actively inviting, engaging in and controlling them.


How important is it to cultivate and control the talk?


88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations. (BrightLocal)

Brands can outgrow their competition 4x by actively driving positive conversation.


66% of the economy (yes two thirds) is influenced by personal recommendations. (McKinsey)


92% of consumers read online reviews before selecting a business. (eTailing Group)

A one 'star' difference in reviews can result in a 5%-9% change in revenue. (Harvard Business)


74% of users say they will not select a business with a bad reputation. (Harris Interactive)

Have Negative or Fake Reviews? 

Unhappy customers usually write bad reviews, but happy customers don’t usually bother. Some business owners even pay people to post bad (fake) reviews about their competitors. Now you can manage your reviews and prevent bad/fake reviews from ruining your image and your future business.

Need Your Good Reviews to Show Up? 

When you have great reviews but they’re not showing up where people are looking…what’s the point? We can amplify your positive reviews across multiple channels including your website, search engines, review sites and social media. Our tools are easy to use and can build, fix and improve your reputation.

How It Works

1. Collect Your Reviews

We aggregate all of your reviews from the top sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Nextdoor, Angie’s List, Avvo, Glassdoor and more.


This is an ongoing process that updates in real-time, so you’re always aware and in control of what’s being said about your company.

2. Generate Reviews Three Ways

1) Get immediate client feedback: Use our mobile app on your phone or with a tablet at your front desk to request client feedback before they leave your business. This is the best time to collect positive reviews because your good work is on their mind.


2) By email or text:  Automatically send review requests to your existing clients immediately after providing service. (API interface)


3) Send out review requests to your existing email or text messaging list by uploading your list.


You can choose the websites (such as Google/TripAdvisor, etc.) where you want the good reviews to appear: This is a great way to improve the most dominant review site, Google, where the majority of searches are conducted, especially if you’ve been hit with fake or negative reviews before. Neutral and negative reviews stay private between you and your customer and are a priceless feedback tool. Find out exactly what your customer thinks of your services so that you can address issues before a negative review is posted.

3. Manage Bad Reviews

Finally you are alerted by text and email when you’ve received negative feedback or reviews. And from an easy-to-use dashboard, you can address all customer concerns on the review sites before they escalate.


You can choose to hold back contested reviews from showing up on your website, Facebook and Twitter.

4. Showcase Positive Reviews

Getting good reviews? Automatically stream positive reviews on your website, Facebook, Google+ (up to 2 a day), Twitter and other sites, such as your local Chamber of Commerce (when allowed). These positive reviews are also indexed on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines which will improve your overall SEO for your business.

5. Showcase Review Ratings to Paid Ads and Listings

You will increase your click through rate and make your business standout from the competition by adding your review ratings to your paid Google ads and your organic listings. Customers trust review ratings and feel more comfortable engaging with businesses that showcase good reviews.

6. Distribute Reviews

We send your reviews out to our network of partner websites in addition to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Partnering with the world’s largest local content network means your reviews can appear on some of the leading websites and mobile apps like CitySearch,, CBS Local, and MerchantCircle!

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review partner network

The good news is that you have the ability to cultivate and control negative and positive feedback while amplifying the positive conversation across the Internet.

Contact Us if you would like to learn more: 800.681.7406